Posted by: janpierce | November 7, 2009

Indian Women in Labor for the Lord (IWILL)

The fourteen women here at TENT now are two weeks from finishing their six month’s training in practical Christian evangelism. They have been studying cross cultural evangelism, Bible, contextualization and also learning several “technologies” such as laminating pictures to frame and sell, making detergent, worm composting, mango tree grafting and others. In this way they will have a skill to do themselves to raise money and will also have a life-sustaining skill to teach to others. During the six months they take several trips home to do profiles of three or more people groups living in their areas. Each group will have its own language and culture with their stories, life views, mythologies, superstitions, etc. Knowing all these things will help the women find ways to share the gospel with them in a way that makes sense to them. These women are perfectly serious about their ministries. Some of them already have training centers (might be an 8 X 10 room) or orphans to care for. Many will begin new women and children ministries. I am taking some of their class times, and some of the devotion times. I am also teaching about half of them to crochet and they are loving it. It has been easy to build rapport with them and I find I have missed teaching. Not enough to take another job however:)

Yesterday Roger went into Hyderabad while I stayed out here on the beautiful campus. Roger bought some long pants that are cooler because he can’t wear his “knickers” in formal meetings here. This place is clean, well-kept and a model of how India could be if everyone had the vision for order, hygiene and godly living. Hopefully it will be the India of the future.

The girls are on a field trip into the city today. A bus tour, picnic at the Fort and some time to shop and then tea at the home of the director. They were very excited. We almost went along, but thought better of it. They will climb the fort steps, eat outside on the grass and the thought of managing 14 women shopping in the crowded markets was enough to make us want to stay home.

Last night the women skipped dinner and had “fasting prayer” from 8:30 – 12:30. They were excited about doing it and reported this morning that it was a good time. They are up at 6:00 a.m. each day and their days are busy with classes, study time, devotions, prayer, worship. I think being here would be like attending a women’s retreat for six months solid. Life becomes focused on God and His purposes and everything else retreats into the background. I feel very fortunate to be here.

This morning Roger and I ate our breakfast at our special guest table and then took our tea to sit with the women. This shocks them although they know that Americans don’t really like the separation of higher and lower. They have been trained in respect of anyone in authority and feel that they are disrespectful if they don’t follow those ways. We feel it is perpetuating a master/student model that isn’t God’s best. It is a cultural thing and not right or wrong. But we took our tea over to their table anyway.



  1. Missing you…enjoying the blog stories. Love

  2. Jan, I’m finding your blog fascinating! You are a truly gifted communicator; I appreciate the finer details with important meaning. Too often an author reports facts of interest, yet they leave out the parts that inspire me. You include both. Bravo!

    God bless you both and keep you in His infinite care ………. Sharon

  3. Jan, what a wonderful thing you are doing. I can tell how passionate you are. We’d love to get together with you and Roger when you come home. Jim has some stories about Rwanda he could share and we would love to here all about you trips. Bless you both–Nancy

    • Hi Pringles! All our family will be together for Thanksgiving. We’d love to see you when we get home. Love, Jan

    • I’m just now reading The Blue Sweater. That author has learned some of the same lessons we are learning in India. It will be fun to swap stories. JP

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