Posted by: janpierce | November 10, 2009

Day by Day at TENT

We are relaxing into the rhythm of this place. Yesterday we toured the part where they teach worm compost making. We had seen it before, but it was good to see something so simple requiring just a few worms, some cow dung and leaves to produce in 90 days a salable product. They sell a lot of compost and teach both the men and women to make it with just a minimal cost to begin and then it is entirely self-sustaining.

I finished interviewing the four women from Orissa. I mentioned before the atrocities committed against them and the government camps that some of them still live in. Several of them came here with no clothes or possessions but were given what they needed. One is going home to a hostel for 90 children that keeps being destroyed and rebuilt. Another is caring for 30 children in addition to her own son and three cousins after a horrendous experience with deaths in her family and going from one family member to another searching for a safe place to live. Most gave them some food and sent them away to protect their own families. It reminded me of the Nazi attempts to eradicate Jews and how some people stepped up to help and others turned their backs on them.

Today Roger has gone by bus to Jangaon to visit Dayanilayam . Our friend Gordon Goering from AIM in Kansas is there and Roger wanted to visit him. He also will pay the English Medium School tuition for Krupa, a girl we support and who was Akanksha’s best friend. She is a very bright girl. She was going to be married at age 15, but her elder brother was murdered in the forest and for some reason related to that she was allowed to come back to school.

Today I taught the women on Psalm 23 and ways to make it come alive for women and children as they teach them. I have some little books on Psalm 23 and Psalm 139 given me by David and Helen Haidle of Seedfaith Books. I will give them as presents to the women at their commissioning service on the 21st. We are also doing inductive Bible Study on Philippians. I thought I was going to teach every day, but that isn’t turning out to be true. However I find that I need to be ready to jump in whenever they say I can. So today I had three hours and some days none. They are all finishing up a strategic action plan which they must complete before graduating at the end of next week. It is crunch time for them.

Tonight I will interview two women from Assam who have a ministry to women. You should hear them pray–right from their heart. I seldom see such dedication and resolve in America. Not to be critical of our own bad selves, I just think our life is too easy to be as desperate and driven as these women are. I want to learn from them as I teach them and come home with a new resolve to serve too.

Both Roger and I still marvel at what we have been allowed to do and how we came to be in India. It is a constant source of both joy and pain. We learn more each time we come and I think it takes time to be effective in a new culture, getting ourselves out of the way, seeing clearly and knowing how to come alongside and support.

Last night it was cool enough to turn off the fans. As I drifted off to sleep I heard lots of birds, trains off in the distance, the guard who blows his whistle as he walks the circumference of the grounds, it reminded me of when I was a little girl and I heard the trains far away in the night. We are at peace here and are just living day by day seeing what God will teach us before we come home in two weeks.



  1. Praying for you!

    Bill & Julie

  2. Thanks for your phone calls. I am in Bonanza and reception is poor. You could try Doug’s number 503-939-1873, he is in PDX. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Enjoying the blog.

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