Posted by: janpierce | February 17, 2010

Rescuing Baby Girls

Our good friends, Mike and Sharon, are in India right now. They have developed heart trouble– the kind of heart that aches when baby girls are intentionally thrown away. It is a hardship to raise girls in India. The dowry system causes great financial strain when it is time for the girls to marry. Many people overspend on marriage arrangements for their daughters, and there is a great deal of unlawful and exploitive behavior by the family of the groom perpetrated on the family of the bride. Suicide and “beatings for dowry” are common in newspaper articles in India. So when a family has a fourth or fifth girl baby it is not uncommon to hear that the baby “died.” Either the child is exposed to the elements causing death or sometimes a rice hull is pushed into the throat and when it swells the child chokes to death. Sometimes Hindu priests are involved in infant deaths to appease some god.

There are ministries in India who keep their ears open as they travel through villages. Who has a large number of daughters and who might be contemplating the death of the latest baby girl? When they find such a family they let it be known that they are willing to “adopt” such a baby and sometimes the child is rescued. Mike and Sharon are visiting a home that houses nine such girls. Their lives have been literally plucked out of the hand of death and they now live in a happy and secure environment. Mike and Sharon report that “the girls will take all the love we can lavish on them.”



  1. Praise God, this couple has just rescued their 10th baby! We found this out just this mornig after we woke up our computers after returning from our 2-week India trip. Russal had told me they had received word their might be another baby to rescue later this month. Maybe this is the one. God is answering our prayers.

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