Posted by: janpierce | March 24, 2010

Our Friend Uma

Uma is a young woman who grew up at Dayanilayam orphanage in Jangaon. She was rescued from her home after her father killed her mother and then ran away. She was found all alone in the little room after several days. She was about four years old. Her story is sad, but also one of hope as she was able to receive some education and was trained in leadership skills at the orphanage. Now Uma is married and is expecting her first child any day. Her health is poor due to a life-long diet of mainly white rice, but she is getting medical care as the delivery date comes near. Uma and her husband Sampath want to serve the Lord. They both desire to pastor and lead their Hindu neighbors to an understanding of freedom in Jesus. Life is not easy for them and sometimes it’s difficult to see the best ways to help them become strong and independent. But Uma is living proof that God cares for His children and we believe that He has good plans for her. She is back at Dayanilayam now awaiting her delivery. Jayamani, her adopted mother, will be there to help her after the birth. No baby showers or loads of presents from friends–but we pray that she will have her basic needs met.


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