Posted by: janpierce | April 13, 2010

Uma Has a Baby Boy

Sampath and Uma, one of the couples we support in spreading the gospel just had their first child, a boy. Uma has been very weak throughout her pregnancy so we are grateful that she has a healthy baby and is doing fine herself. She had to have a C section, possibly because her blood count was so low. Now they have to find a new place to live. Their land is in a village where the water supply is bad and the training center they would like to attend for pastoral training is also having problems with a well that is nearly dry. Does anyone want to donate $1,000 to drill a new well at the Mission School in Peddipalli? We take all of our natural resources for granted. Water, electricity, it’s just a flip of a switch or handle for us. Not so in India. The power goes out daily and at unexpected times. The water in south India is always a problem and there has been drought for over ten years. We pray that Uma and Sampath find a safe and healthy place to live as they learn to know this new (as yet unnamed) little guy.



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