Posted by: janpierce | April 28, 2010

Bits and Pieces

   We’re in the process of planning our next trip to India. This is a unique trip as it will mix missions with a most wonderful and special occasion–our son’s wedding to beautiful Kavita! We couldn’t be more excited or happy for them. So the question is whether to plan our usual visits before or after the wedding and I believe my hair has made the decision for me. When we stay in India for four to six weeks I come home with “roots”. I’m only 64 so I don’t get what my hair is trying to tell me, but I can’t attend my son’s wedding with gray roots, so that solves the problem. Wedding first, then missions visits. We also have a special treat coming up that’s not related to the wedding. It’s a trip up north to tea country with our good friends David and Diana Phillips. Their home is in Allahabad which is a lovely city with many old English buildings. David’s family have ties to a tea plantation near the Nepali border and we have been invited to stay there for a few days. Most of my India experiences have been in the sunny south or in the Delhi area so this will be new to me.

Other news comes from Uma in Jangaon. The weather is extremely hot and uncomfortable for new mother and baby. It is 110-115 daily now. The new baby still doesn’t have a name as they will have a special ceremony for that. There is also a parent dedication celebration held on the 121st day of the baby’s life which will take place there in Jangaon. After that we expect Uma, Sampath and baby to return home to Peddapalli. We have also learned that our adopted granddaughter, Akanksha, and her husband Thomas (formerly Kalyan) are expecting their first baby. We think Akanksha is about 17 now and Thomas is about the same age. They are so young, but are already learning to lead in ministry. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit them on our December/January trip.

It will be exciting to meet Kavita’s family in Bangalore. I’ve never been there before either. She has a very large family and her father is a pediatric heart surgeon. They belong to the Church of South India and the wedding will be held in their home congregation’s building. CSI is more formal than many churches in the U.S. There will be bishops in robes, much like our Episcopal churches here. I’m looking forward to meeting many new Aunties and Uncles and tasting lots of new Indian foods. It will be a very different experience from our usual stays in very inexpensive hotels and private mission facilities.

If you follow the blog you know that my last trip didn’t follow our carefully-planned itinerary due to my fall in Delhi. Hopefully this trip will be less dramatic and we’ll get to see our many friends and ministries north and south. Pray for us as we make our plans. Travel is increasingly expensive and at times dangerous. Often the dangers lie in persecution of those we visit after we’ve gone so we need to be mindful of situations that could endanger our Christian friends.



  1. Glad to hear you won’t be rooting for the wedding.

  2. Dear Jan ~ It was wonderful to see Josh again and meet his fiance; they make a very good looking pair!

    May our Lord bless all of your family’s comings and goings as you travel to India for the wedding and meeting up again with treasured friends.

    His love and peace be with you, Sharon

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