Posted by: janpierce | May 4, 2010


       Our sister Grace is one of the ladies I met at TENT last November. She is a widow in her fifties and is retired from work in a bank in Hubli, a city in Dharwad district of Karnataka State. She is a very bright and dedicated Christian lady. Grace was like a mother to some of the younger girls in the group of fourteen and she had a lot of responsibility given to her as the leaders trusted her. Grace is a quiet and loving person with a quick wit and a sense of humor. Due to her banking background and her understanding of women’s needs she had already begun six small micro-banks for women before coming to the six month long training at TENT. I hope Roger and I can visit Grace at some point, possibly on this next trip if all goes well. Her plan includes moving to a nearby village, beginning some of the technologies she learned at TENT such as mushroom growing and compost making and even dairy farming. Then she will share these skills with the local women and eventually begin to share the Gospel with them too. It still amazes me that I felt so close to these women in just a little over two weeks. I know Grace has the determination and the skills to be successful in her ministry. Pray for freedom to share as there are groups violently opposed to Christianity in her part of India as in Orissa.         



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