Posted by: janpierce | May 15, 2010

Education:The Gift of a Better Life

Nehemiah and Sarah Naik have built a house church network in southern Andhra Pradesh. They began their ministry by giving free rice to the families of handicapped people and slowly began to tell friends and neighbors of their belief in a God who loves His people. Now they have a large network of house churches and seven master trainers who continue the multiplication of small churches meeting in homes. Master trainers have their own territories and must travel often to visit their leaders and give trainings. Many of them work in the fields as day laborers to feed their families. They are very poor.

One of the things Teams India most enjoys doing is providing funds for a proper education for children in India. For only $10 per month a child can attend a good school (as opposed to the very questionable government schools). That $10 pays for school tuition and fees, uniforms, books, pencils and paper. For a mere $120 per year a child can get an education that will make the difference in finishing high school after completing 10th grade, and ultimately will decide the life work of the individual. Statistics show that a child who becomes conversant in English will earn triple the amount of money annually that a native speaker is able to earn.

Nehemiah’s seven master trainers have a total of eleven children who up to this point have been attending very poor government schools. In these schools there are from 60-100 students per class with only one teacher. And often the teachers’ attendance is poor. They are known to write something on the board and then sleep the rest of the day. Children play or sit idly as the hours pass by. In private schools the teaching is rigorous and time is not wasted. Although the conditions of the buildings are sometimes poor, there is quality instruction and learning taking place.

Teams India has recently had several contributions made to our education fund for these eleven children. Their families are absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity for their children. The new school year begins in July so the gifts are very timely. There is a similar need for the children of Master Trainers in northern India. If you want to make a huge difference in the life of a child, feel free to respond to Teams India with your interest. Below are two of the children who will now attend a good school and begin to experience the joy of real learning. 


       Salem Raj                                 Eswaramma


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