Posted by: janpierce | May 27, 2010

Fifteen Friends

                     This is a group photo of the women I taught last November at a training center near Hyderabad. The women came from different parts of the country and spoke many different languages, but the teaching was all done in English. One of the women, Akip, came from a place in the north and spoke a language that no one else could speak. She spent six months understanding only a little bit, but still was able to worship, pray, and learn the hands-on technologies such as tree grafting, composting, candle-making and so on. The lady in white is the women’s “warden”, what we might call a dorm mother. She belongs to an order of women who serve and remain single although she has several “adopted” children. She scolded us when we missed one of the mandatory tea times. She laughed at our jokes and made sure we had everything we needed and took good care of us. I love these women. Each one has a ministry either in the future or already begun. Several have heart-wrenching stories of oppression and persecution for standing firm in their faith. They are on my mind and in my heart every day. They spent six months in a place far above their usual lifestyles of struggle and need. Their daily lives now are often difficult, their living conditions impossible for us to accept. Will you pray for them? Pray for courage and perseverance to follow their plans to reach out to another culture in their home area. Pray for the means to buy land, or begin small businesses or start “wedges” which are women’s groups to grant small loans to begin small businesses. Pray for their continued devotion to the Lord and that they will gain favor with the people groups they minister to. Pray for their safety. One of these women houses thirty children displaced by the persecution in Orissa. Pray for the funds to care for these children as she raises her own son and three nephews. Praise God when you remember them for their wonderful spirits and the joy they have in knowing Jesus as Savior.


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