Posted by: janpierce | June 7, 2010

A Lifestyle of Generosity

        My very first posts on this site came into existence because I heard about the concept of saving out one handful of rice daily to give to the poor. I thought this was a Christian teaching in India, but have since learned that it is much broader than that. In many parts of Asia women do this act of kindness as they begin their day. They save the handfuls until there is enough to give as a gift to someone poorer than themselves.

What is the handful that you scoop out each day to keep in store for others more needy? Do you store up kind words or deeds for widows in your neighborhood? Do you offer help to those who can’t do their own household repairs or yard work? Do you make phone calls to someone who is lonely? Do you send money to organizations who help the needy?

The beauty of the one handful of rice concept is that you don’t have to be rich to participate. You don’t have to give a large amount or do monumentous tasks for others. You just need to be mindful that there is so much emptiness and need all around, and you can do your part to help. It’s a pay it forward kind of thing. It’s what Jesus would do.


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