Posted by: janpierce | June 24, 2010

Veena and Ashwini Go To “Plus Two”

Two years ago when we visited the Indian Mission School in Peddipalli I interviewed some of their top students. I loved hearing their stories but was struck by the tension in each of these young people as they told their family histories. All are poor, most are children of day workers who eat on days they work and don’t the rest of the time. The children are so happy to be in a good school, but even though they are bright and making good grades, they don’t have much hope for future education. Their school ends at grade 10. If they want to go on to “plus two”, grades 11 and 12, they need to find support somewhere. One boy actually trembled and fought back tears as he told of his desire to go on to school. Teams India has established a two-year scholarship to enable the top student of each IMS graduating class to attend Plus Two. This two-year scholarship will make all the difference in the world for their future. Ashwini wrote a qualifying exam to a government residential college and was accepted. She wants to be an engineer, being very strong in science and math. Her father died and rather than live with her mother and step-father she lives with her grandparents who are elderly and very poor. Now she will reside at the college during the school year and our funds will pay for her living expenses.
Veena was the top student in her class. She also has no father and her mother is a daily wage laborer. She has entered a local college and also wants to become an engineer. Our scholarship has paid all her school fees for this year and will again for grade 12. I am always struck by the good we are able to do in India for a relatively small amount of money. $150 pays for a full year of college fees for these girls. There are always more students needing help. If you feel led to change a life, make your donation to Teams India. (See Scholarship  tab)


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