Posted by: janpierce | August 12, 2010

India on My Mind

I’ve got India on my mind today. Here’s a picture of little Eswaramma, one of the children we send to school in Andhra Pradesh. She’s the daughter of one of Nehemiah and Sarah Naik’s Master Trainers and her family is very poor. As we were driving to our CPA’s office yesterday we did a  summary of the number of children we now send to a good school and the count is 48! These children either wouldn’t attend school at all or would be in a government school where the teachers may or may not show up and where they would receive minimal attention as very poor children. Now they’ll receive an education that will give them the option of continuing on to at least the 10th standard and maybe even the “plus two”, 11th and 12th standards, with an opportunity to find a good job someday. The monthly fees of $10 are well beyond their means, but are just a fast-food lunch to us. We’re so thankful for those of you who help us give to these children,  changing their lives dramatically.

We just got itineraries for our next trip which begins on November 15th with a return date of January 12th. Once we have our travel dates and begin to map out our schedule, my mind is continually living in India! This trip begins with a visit to Calcutta and ends with our son’s wedding in Bangalore on December 29th. But in between we’ll be visiting many ministry friends and have the chance to see firsthand all the good work taking place. Because Josh’s wedding is in Bangalore both of our children and our son in law will have the chance to meet some of our co-workers and travel to some villages to see ministry, something we never thought would be possible. We’re excited for that opportunity.

Yesterday I did some planning with my friend Diana who lives in Allahabad. When I visit her we’ll spend a week working with young Hindu women who want to learn to study the Bible for themselves. Many of them are attending Bible School, but as we query them on their studies it seems the curriculum jumps all over the place and they don’t have any instruction that leads them to independent learning. I’ll have just five lessons in which to teach a simple inductive method of opening up a passage on their own. Of course Diana will continue on after I leave which makes the plan so much stronger.

I met for coffee this morning with two teacher friends. They’re both at the end of their summer vacation and their minds are undoubtedly on their new school year. It was fun to tell them some of the stories about India and how different life is over there. I realize how fortunate I am that God has taken me to a place virtually unknown to Americans. I feel as if I’ve been entrusted with the knowledge that we really can change a life with just a tiny effort or a tiny gift. So, if I seem preoccupied next time you see me it’s because I’ve got India on my mind.


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