Posted by: janpierce | August 21, 2010

Meet Baby Jireh

  Here is five month old Baby Jireh, son of Sampath and Uma Kumar–our friends and church planters in Peddipalli, A.P. India. We will get to see him on our next trip. We’re making it possible for Uma and Sampath to move from their little village in Peddibonkur, outside Peddipalli into town because their current water supply is contaminated with sewage. All three of them have been sick and it is difficult to be able to afford the fuel to boil all drinking water and cooking water. Here in the states we don’t often live close enough to the edge of our finances to have to count the pennies that fuel to boil drinking water would cost. We can be thankful that we are so blessed to take our daily comfort and safety for granted. Pray with us for this little family as they seek to share Jesus with their friends and neighbors. They have a little church meeting regularly and now need a means of transportation to visit other believers in their area.


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