Posted by: janpierce | September 11, 2010

To Us Who Are Being Saved….

    In I Corinthians 1:18 Paul includes himself  in the phrase “to us” as he encourages the church members of Corinth to stop bickering. They had fallen into the trap of comparing their earthly leaders and forming little cliques around different men. Paul says, to us who are being saved.. in other words, we’re all in process of becoming a little more like Jesus each day, but none of us are there yet; not even those in leadership roles.  How foolish to fight amongst ourselves when the world around us is in desperate need of love and direction. Paul points  the Corinthians back to the message of the cross which is the life blood of believers. As we look around today at all our fellow believers let’s remember that each one is in the process of being saved, being perfected, becoming more and more like Jesus. The flip side of that coin is that not one of us is perfected yet, so let’s not expect that or be disappointed when we don’t find it. Can we be done with factions and disagreements? Well…..maybe not completely, but we can surely place that harmonious lifestyle as a goal and when we feel ourselves veering off into grumpy, cantankerous living we can make the effort by the grace of God to get back on the road toward unity.



  1. Good message, Jan

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