Posted by: janpierce | October 25, 2010

Calcutta, Allahabad, Delhi, BANGALORE, and more

  Josh and Kavita have just a couple of months until their wedding in Bangalore on December 29th. I can’t wait. It’s only three weeks until we leave for India. This weekend we had the privilege of meeting Kavita’s aunt and uncle from Connecticut and also seeing Kavita’s cousin, husband and little baby. It made me even more eager for the wedding day to come. We expect to be absolutely overwhelmed by wedding parties which will come during Christmas and various family birthdays too. But first we have a million things to do here.

Buy a two month supply of cat food and cat litter for Mom’s cat. Check

Buy safety pins and hair pins and gold slippers and, yikes, what else for the wedding day.  Sort of check

Make Roger try on his suits and shirts and pants. Not so much.

Try not to worry that I’ll forget things, and just relax and enjoy the ride. Working on it.

In church this morning our pastor had us think of something that is really bugging us and then pray for God to meet us right at that point and do us some good. I prayed about how I’ve been a teacher my whole adult life, but still worry that I’ll be ineffective when I teach in India. I realized that I do have things to say and I do know things I want to share and even though there will be cultural barriers and language challenges, I’ll do fine. I’m really tired of being so hung up on my own fears of failure and I’m just not putting up with it anymore!  What do you think? Will I succeed? I’ll let you know while we’re on the road.

Typically, once we’re on our way I ‘m able to let go of life here and focus on the “other world” we find over there. It is always a little surreal to realize that India is always there, living and breathing as it always has, while America trots along on this side of the world with our focus on politics, sports, movies, television, food, the latest on Dr. Phil and all the rest. But three weeks from now we’ll dive in again. First we’ll shop in Calcutta, then on to Allahabad where we’ll teach and share with the church David and Diana Phillips attend. It will be so great to see them in their beautiful home again. Then on to Delhi where we’ll stay with Rodrick and Neetu Gilbert. Their little baby Avajit is one now and we’ll enjoy seeing Twinkle, Adesh, Rodrick’s lovely mother and many more friends. We may do some teaching there, or we may just enjoy time at the training center where there is always a lot going on. Then on to Bangalore and wedding festivities. Once during that time period we’ll take a side trip to Hubli in Karnataka to visit my friend Grace. She has ministry to women’s groups there and we will stay in her home. We’re hoping Josh can travel with us on that little trip. After the wedding Jon and Sara will stay on for a few days and we hope to get into a Banjara village so they can experience village life. Then after they leave we’ll probably go up to Hyderabad and that area to visit Uma and Sampath and Akanksha and Thomas and many more good friends. Two months will fly by.

If you talk to me in the next three weeks, please be advised that I have India on my mind.



  1. Hi Jan- just found your India website and your other one- we will have to connect via our blogs 😉
    thanks for partnering on the April 2 Faith and Culture Writers conference-

  2. Jan,
    I’m guessing that letting God totally have His way in our lives is one of the most difficult things for any of us. I will pray for you and Roger, both, that you will be able to do that, so that your plans are actually His. Then, whatever is accomplished will stand. And don’t forget, whatever is accomplished may, or may not, ever be revealed to you. . . another difficult thing!

    ” In his heart a man plans his course,
    but the LORD determines his steps.”

  3. Thanks, Mike. I know you’re right. I’m spending this week preparing for the lessons with the young Hindu girls–with lots of side trips to run errands!

  4. You’ll do fine, Jan, but what an adventure! There is no question in my mind that ‘letting God’ have total control in our lives is one of life’s most difficult things. We tend to think it’s about us…a lesson I’m trying very hard to learn as well. Love ya’–

  5. From the Daisy Whatever Girls Club to young Hindu girls…you are a winner. We are both praying for your trip and will be anxious to see you when you return.

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