Posted by: janpierce | November 6, 2010

Like a Mustard Seed

         In eleven days we’ll head for the airport and begin our journey to India. We’ll check luggage in Portland and then fly on to Seattle, Frankfurt and land some thirty or forty hours later in Calcutta. We get in at something like one in the morning there, but after going through customs and all it may be more like three a.m. By the time we finish one of those long trips we really don’t know what time of the day or night it would be at home. We’ve entered into the “other world” of India. We’ll do a little shopping and then take a train with Diana Phillips back to her hometown of Allahabad.

While we’re with David and Diana in Allahabad we’ll both be teaching groups of adults from their home church. David also meets weekly with a group of young Christian men and Roger will work with them too. The Word says we only need faith like a mustard seed to plant the truth of life in Jesus in the hearts of others. With that tiny seed imparted we can watch God grow huge trees of mighty faith and hope. While we’re both preparing lessons for our time in Allahabad, we’re also mindful that sometimes the best teaching comes directly from our hearts and lives and is best served “fresh” as the Spirit moves. I’ll be teaching themes from Philippians to a group of young Hindu women who have converted from Hinduism to Christianity. They want to be able to read the Bible and learn for themselves. I want them to be able to do that too. David and Helen Haidle have given me some beautiful books on Psalm 23 and I hope to share those. Then there are gift inventories for the adult women (probably needing some tweaking for cultural differences) and finally a two day marriage seminar. Roger and I sincerely hope we are able to dispense some marital encouragement without breaking out into a little spat of our own.

Not only is our faith sometimes as small as a mustard seed, but it seems that the things we have to offer others are small as well. We can only go in the desire to be givers of all we’ve received and with the desire to be least and not most. You can follow our travel at this site and remind other readers to check in during November and December as we go back to our friends and family in India.



  1. Our prayers go with you as you head out, Jan. Still hoping we can get together before you go, but we’ll have to see–

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