Posted by: janpierce | November 10, 2010

My Feet in Two Worlds

                               Today my task is to type up outlines for two lessons we’ll do on the topic of marriage. Then I’m visiting my hairdresser and spending some time with a close friend. In my mind I’m fitting things into suitcases and trying not to forget little details: buy more cat food, ask the neighbor to feed said cat, buy nametags for the Hindi speaking women’s class, try to figure out what I’ll do with my hair for the wedding, talk to the staff at my Mom’s assisted living and leave contact phone numbers….and the list goes on.

But what am I really doing instead of all these things? I’m looking at pictures of the people I love in India. Little Stalin, Krupa, Pavan and Pranith, Naveen–all children at the orphanage. Akanksha and her husband Thomas who will have their first baby by the time we get there. I so wish I knew the gender of that baby so I could buy some things. I’m thinking of Nehemiah and Sarah and wondering how Sarah’s injuries are healing. Thinking of my friend Grace who we’ll get to see later in the trip. My head is spinning and in between two worlds, but my Spirit is really, really happy and excited.


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