Posted by: janpierce | November 29, 2010

A Sunday Service and a Visit to Shalini’s House


We had a wonderful Sunday service with the Good Shepherd Church yesterday.  Pastor Calvin and his wife Nina are caring for this group and we’ve seen lots of growth since our last visit. I shared a verse or two and Roger preached on praying with tears. It was very good. After visiting with the congregation we had tea at the home of one of the couples, Tony and Alma and dinner with another couple, Philo and Johnny. Both couples are on the staff of a private boy’s school that houses over 4,000 boys. That evening we had dinner at one of the city’s best restaurants: El Chico. We had a combination of Indian and Continental dishes and finished with yummy desserts. Notice the four men having an Indian pow-wow after the meal.

In the outdoor photo at Alma and Tony’s home we’re sitting under guava trees and ate some of them fresh from the tree, and there were also papaya trees nearby.

Today we had to go to the travel agency to get our tickets for our flight to Delhi on Thursday. It took about an hour and involved cups of tea while we waited. Then on to visit one of the girls in the Bible class. Her name is Shalini and she works part-time in the kitchen for David and Diana. She is a lovely girl who lives in a slum neighborhood on the other side of town. We decided to visit her home and meet her mother. Shalini has been saved for three or four years and wants to find a Christian husband which are in short supply around here. She has learned how to sew a little bit and lives at home with her mother and older sister. Five older sisters are already married. You can’t drive to her home, but have to park and walk about 8 blocks down a muddy, windy path strewn with animal waste, cows, pigs, goats, people, vendors selling roadside food and all the things you see in the slums. Shalini has to walk up very steep stairs to get to her one room plus a tiny kitchen space. There is a little roof area where her family and the other people in the building sleep when it’s very hot. She was thrilled to have us visit her and bought water and snacks to give us with our tea. She can’t afford to spend the money, but we needed to accept her hospitality.

              The standing water is left over from the monsoons and has caused an outbreak of typhoid in the area. That hasn’t stopped Mr. Pig from slogging around in it looking for food.


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