Posted by: janpierce | December 5, 2010

As Indian as Apple Pie

   Yesterday all the women in  Rodrick’s house, and that is quite a few, took part in learning how to make apple pie. The apples were small and sweet rather than tart, the recipe was in grams and kilograms, the sugar we used was the large chunky kind, about the size of a lentil, but we tripled the whole thing and baked it for two hours at 177 celsius and it was rather good if I do say so myself. We were able to buy bricks of vanilla ice cream and made sure that everyone including the servant girls got to taste it. When Pat Brown was staying here she taught Neetu to bake chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, how to make lasagna, mashed potatoes and gravy, and now apple pie is added to the arsenal. When Americans come to visit, Neetu is careful to cook them at least one meal they can recognize and it’s amazing how good that feels.

   We attended the house devotions yesterday morning and today there is a team leader meeting instead of a church service. Roger will preach. We always enjoy spending time with the people who work with Rodrick. Most of them come from a slum background, they are very dedicated to the Lord and fast once or twice a week and have all night prayer regularly.

   Yesterday afternoon we heard extremely loud singing and drumming somewhere nearby. My first inclination was to grab the camera and go take pictures. But as we asked about it we learned that it was a Hindu Puja at the nearby Hindu temple and wasn’t anything we should be involved with. Many of the Hindu ceremonies are involving curses and/or asking blessing from some god in the form of an idol. The Hindu temples are often below ground, as if they were a basement garage and the colors and decorations and the masks of the gods are ugly and menacing. They actually look evil. Alcohol is often a part of the ceremonies and there are the eternal offerings of flowers, money, food items and so forth that keep poor people even poorer. All of it is done to appease gods that can bring calamity on you if you don’t keep them happy.

   Yesterday Roger visited his beloved Muslim barber–he of black dye fame. He asked Roger if his wife had come along on this trip. “Yes.” “Is she the one who didn’t like the color I put on your hair?” “Yes.” ( Roger makes the sign of cutting throats) The barber laughs and Roger laughs and we got off easy this time with just a nice haircut and head rub. Roger would risk everything just to get that head rub.

   The house is full of children’s play this time. Baby Avijit is just under two years of age. He roams around doing whatever suits his fancy. Yesterday he was attacking people with a banana and earlier was eating ice cream and menacing all with the gooey spoon. He is a cutie. He has a servant girl who watches him nearly all day long. Adesh is eight now and in third standard. He wears little glasses when he does his homework and dresses up like a little scholar. He attends many meetings along with Rodrick as he will likely be a leader in the group one day. Twinkle (Srishti) is a young lady of 18 and is studying for her TOEFL so she can attend college in the States. There are various office workers, students, servants and so forth coming and going all the time. I usually don’t know who people are, but they’re all friendly and so I just smile. It is so frustrating not to be able to really converse with people, but I’m used to it.

   Here are some pictures of the family and the three kitchen helpers. Roger loves to tease them and make them smile.




  1. Doug says you make the best apple pie. Count down to the wedding begins. Miss you and Roger too.

    • We’re thinking of you. How is Marin?

  2. Hey Jan! I miss you and Roger and think about you often. Of course, whenever I think of you, I say a quick prayer for you. The more I read of your adventures, the happier am to be a boring homebody. I’m sure glad you guys are representing me and G&G in India, though.

    It’s good to hear your classes went so well. I knew they would. God has been faithful to bless all your efforts on His behalf, don’t you think?

    What are you missing here? Traditional Christmas preparations, cold rain, and the Friday morning slumber party. Not to mention a bunch of people who are missing you. Take good care of each other. Love, June

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