Posted by: janpierce | December 11, 2010

The Boys Club and Bombay Toast

   Things are popping here in Bangalore as people begin to arrive for the wedding. Yesterday Meera, Kavita’s sister and her family arrived from Kentucky and today Josh and Kavita arrived. Meera is married to Kirk who is a pastor and they have two little girls, Rahael and Abigail. The house is getting full with everyone’s luggage, toys and gear. We’ve already ventured out into the traffic to shop and see some local color. Josh tells me we’re not in Kansas anymore.

   Roger wandered down the street the other day and met some gentlemen who gather regularly at the bus stop to sit and visit. In fact they go every morning at 10:30 and every evening at 7:00. When asked what they do there, they said they gossip about their younger days, about politics and how the whole world is run by crooks these days. Maybe they are a lot like some of us older folks the world over. Roger has full visiting rights to The Boys’ Club while here. He took Kirk who is only 36 and he was granted provisional rights–not quite old enough.

When we were visiting the mission hospital the other day we were in the business office when a tall, good looking Muslim man with a full beard and the white hat came in hopping mad. It seems his pregnant wife had come for a pre-natal checkup and they ran into a male intern in the Ob/Gyn section of the hospital. This incensed the man even though the intern does not go into the examining room. He talked about privacy and how this problem “bothered his sensitivity.” He continued to rant and rave for quite some time even though Asha was telling him that no men are supposed to be assigned to that section. It was an error that would be immediately fixed. The man was threatening her saying he wouldn’t even want the baby if it was defiled in this way. Asha said that they aren’t above killing a baby and even the wife if they believe there has been defilement. This man is an engineer–highly educated, but still of this conservative bent. It was both interesting and a little frightening. The young intern, also a Muslim, was told to watch his back as he came and went in the hospital as his life could be in danger as well.

The home where our family is staying is in a gated community with a pool and exercise room. It is two floors with two bedrooms and baths upstairs and a large living area and kitchen down. It belongs to a colleague of Kavita’s father who is on vacation. We have a servant who comes to fix our breakfast and clean and we are living large. Today we wanted french toast for breakfast and were told to order Bombay toast. It was perfect.

Next week begins the rounds of shopping and scheduling all the pampering for hands, feet and hair. We’ll visit the place where the reception will be. Tomorrow we attend church and the wedding will be formally announced. There are three opportunities for people to make objections and then after three weeks the wedding can take place. In anticipation of no objections we have a luncheon planned after church at Colin’s Country Club.

Here are some pix of our home away from home.




  1. Always great to read your updates, Jan. What an amazing opportunity–you’re seeing ‘both sides’ of India. Have a great time–looking forward to your return and hearing all about it.

  2. Greetings Jan! Oh, how very exciting it all sounds. I’ll be thinking of you and praying too this next few weeks.

  3. Hi Roger and Jan. I’m really glad you are enjoying Bangalore. Wish we were there. Do you think I’m old enough to be a Boys Club member? Sounds like fun. It’s just like Roger to seek out perfect strangers at a bus stop in a faraway land and strike up a conversation. . . .and be accepted by them, too, by the way. LOL
    Tell Josh and Kavita “Hi” for Sharon and I. We wish God’s blessings on their marriage.

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