Posted by: janpierce | December 14, 2010

Driving, shopping, eating

   The last few days have been a whirlwind of shopping for the wedding. And to make things more difficult it seems that the area of town where we live is at least 45 minutes by car from the church, the shopping areas and the country club where Colin plays golf and where we often eat. So we’re spending a lot of time in the car. Here everyone has drivers who are on call day and night for the family and drive wherever you need to go. They also run errands and also hold the baby when necessary. Rajan is like part of the family and ferries us safely from one point to another. It’s a hectic job but he always has a smile on his face. If you haven’t heard about the driving in India it is crazy. There usually aren’t lanes, just a free for all heading in one direction. And sometimes vehicles decide they need to drive on the wrong side of the road for a while, so they do. There is noisy honking which is a system to let the other cars know where you are and where you’re going. Motorcycles weave in and out between vehicles and occasionally a bullock cart mixes in. So driving is memorable. Only the people in the front seat wear seatbelts to add a little spice to the mix.

I’ll be adding some family pictures to show you our wonderful hosts and their children and several of the St. John’s church where the wedding will take place. Then a few of a cultural fair we attended on Sunday afternoon. The old man sang a long folk tale about the exploits of some of the Hindu gods. He and the dancers were doing material from the state of Orissa where persecution against Christians is at its worst. The dancers are local children who attend a dance school.

Yesterday we had a grueling day of shopping. I got my wedding sari, a deep blue and also some fabric for a new salwar to wear at the reception. Kavita found her wedding sari and then her gahgra which is a heavy long skirt and contrasting short top. They are full of sequins and beads and it is a bit dizzying to see them all and try to decide which is prettiest. The shops are interesting. You enter and sit at a counter. You are served tea while you look at hundreds of fabric choices. For the gahgras they had us sit in front of bed-like places on which the salesman sit and present each outfit. Then you try to narrow down your choices before trying anything on. Kavita’s wedding sari is an off-white with gold and is gorgeous. The gahgra she chose is a pink color. Pictures to come later.

With all this shopping we are eating up a storm. We tried the local KFC yesterday, but we all prefer the Indian food. Today we had bacon-wrapped chicken, some sort of tikka chicken wrap, fried rice and noodles, soups, watermelon juice, a combo of chinese and Indian. At home we are learning to eat with our fingers again and eat the yummy vegetable dishes, the rice and curds, chicken in lots of forms and fish and mutton dishes too. It’s all so good.

Today we went to the Tamarind Tree where the reception will be held. It is 90 minutes out of town and guests will be taken from the church by bus. It is an amazing acreage with all sorts of patios, courtyards, fountains, a huge gazebo, just a remarkable site. It will be all lit up and decorated with flowers and I am imagining it will look very magical for the evening reception. I’ll post some pictures of that next time.

Right now Josh and Kavita are off buying their wedding rings. Last night they went to the rehearsal of the music for the wedding service. It is a wedding marathon. Each day we meet more family members and friends and they are all so hospitable and gracious. Sooo a few minutes with our tired feet up and then we’ll catch an autorickshaw back to the Johns home for dinner.


Asha and Rahael

Asha and RahaelKavita and her nieces

Grandpa Colin and Abigail



Chai after church


Storyteller (singer) Hindu folk dancers

Little dancers



  1. The food looks delicious. India is so colorful. Love the little dancers. You sound like you are having a very good time. God Bless you both Sharon and Mike

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