Posted by: janpierce | December 16, 2010

Finding our Way

This picture was taken in one of the villages we visited outside of Allahabad. While the lifestyle in cities is making great progress in terms of better housing, roads, and amenities, the life of people in the villages remains much as it was a hundred years ago. And over 70% of all the people in India live in villages. We always feel more in touch with the real stuff of India when we’re in the villages.

Tomorrow we fly to Hubli, 400 km from Bangalore to visit my friend Grace. She’ll take us to a village where she works with groups of women through the development of microbanks. Since it’s the Christmas season we’ll be guests at a Christmas celebration too. Pictures will follow.

Yesterday we ventured out on our own in our neighborhood and managed to find a really nice, clean food market. We found treats like cream cheese and Kraft singles which thrilled us until we got home and figured out they had cost $1o each!

Some of the contrasts which make India so interesting and challenging are to be found in such things as that pristine food market which delivers groceries for free while right next door there is sewage and garbage piled up high. You’ll see a beautiful home, an estate really, with cows and pigs foraging for garbage right across the street.

Here are some of the pictures we took at the Tamarind Tree. I told my daughter Sara that the place looks like the set of a 1940’s movie. I expected  Humphrey Bogart to walk on and say, “Play it again, Sam.”







  1. Cute couple!!! See you tomorro 😉

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