Posted by: janpierce | December 23, 2010

Birthdays, Christmas and Wedding, Oh My!

 Yesterday began the string of celebrations here in Bangalore as we celebrated Josh’s birthday. The first picture shows our morning gift of a snickers bar with a paper parasol stuck in it as we sang happy birthday. We couldn’t find a candle in our apartment. Later we had a wonderful family dinner party at Kavita’s home.   The day after Christmas is Papa Colin’s birthday so we’ll have another reason to celebrate. Here is a picture of the happy couple at the birthday party.

We had a chance to visit the hotel where Josh and Kavita will spend their first two nights as husband and wife. It’s called the Leela and it’s fabulous!


We’re still spending a good part of each day shopping on Commercial Street and running errands like going to the tailor to pick up various pieces of clothing–sari blouses, suit vests, etc. Each errand takes a long time as the traffic is fierce during the daytimes. The shops are fascinating.



Lots of guests are already arriving at the airport each day. The weather is beautiful, but the forecast for wedding day is rain. That means trouble because the reception is an outdoor venue. We’re praying for nice weather. By the way I wore a sari last night for the first time in a few years. Lots of pins and I made it okay. A few more trial runs are planned before the wedding. Here are some birthday party pictures.


One more picture of the happy couple:  


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