Posted by: janpierce | December 27, 2010

Christmas Come and Gone

Christmas day began with an early church service and continued all day at the Rajkumar home.  Kumaruncle is Kavita’s uncle and lives near the church in a gorgeous home. He hosted the entire family and some friends, about 80 people for a catered Christmas dinner.  Since the family members live all over the world; New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, the U.S., everyone was happy to be together. The menu was a mutton dish, biriyani, a vegetarian dish and then ice cream with hot fudge and nuts. The caterers were Muslim-they tend to own the bakeries and the catering services. We sang Christmas carols, there were gifts for the children and then Kavita’s parents had a beautiful bag with designer ornaments for each couple, The immediate family didn’t open their gifts until he evening. Everyone was exhausted when bedtime arrived.




Yesterday, the 26th was Colin’s birthday and we celebrated by driving everyone out to the family “farm.” The farm turned out to be a gorgeous park-like place with another catered meal, appetizers, coconut water drinks and a game or two of cricket. I tried my hand at batting, but it wasn’t like baseball and I failed miserably. It was a beautiful day and fun for all ages. I have to confess, though, that this old couple is getting tired with all the string of celebrations. Today, the 27th, we’re trying to lie low in our apartment and just rest up. So here are some pix down on the farm:



With all the snow and ice in Europe and the fog in India many of the flights have either been cancelled or delayed or diverted to Chennai. So we’re grateful that Jon and Sara arrived last night sometime. We still haven’t seen them, but they’re here safe and sound. Tonight is the ceremony when the groom’s family takes the wedding sari to the home of the bride and presents it. There is a seven plate ritual and each plate represents part of a blessing on the marriage.

The logistics of getting all the wedding preparations done in the midst of so much company is a mind-boggling enterprise. I’m trying to keep a low profile and do my part without getting in the way of the necessary tasks. Two more days until wedding day!



  1. Praying for your strength as we think of you often. Glad John & Sara made it. Enjoy the final few days of parties and the wedding. Hugs

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