Posted by: janpierce | December 30, 2010

Finally……..Wedding Day!

   The long-awaited wedding day finally arrived yesterday. There were some minor hitches in the day when the beautician mentioned that she’d double-booked for the day and might not be able to take care of us in time, but as it turned out all was well. I had to have a woman at the beauty parlor drape my sari for me, or “tie” it as they say here. After that I wore it for 12 hours straight and feel that I should win some sort of medal.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was the most spectacular wedding I’ve ever seen. The church service was beautiful. All the music, readings, vows, and everything went off perfectly. My mom’s heart was touched when Josh’s eyes teared up at the sight of his lovely bride coming down the aisle. We don’t have pictures of that yet, but can share a few from the reception. After the wedding we took some time for pictures and then everyone piled into cars and buses for the hour-long drive to the Tamarind Tree.

I had seen the place in the daytime, but was still stunned by the beauty in the evening with flowers and lights everywhere. Guests were greeted with flowers for the men’s lapels and little garlands for the women to wear in their hair. Then on through the various pavilions to the main area where the giant gazebo was decorated with flowers and lights. All the usual wedding reception events happened, the introduction, the toasts, the speeches, the first dance (in which Josh threatened to dip me but refrained when I said I’d disinherit him.) There was a wonderful Indian buffet plus a dosa bar. Dosa are a pancake like food which can be spiced up with a variety of sauces and curries. Yummy. There were appetizers and drinks, and then a ton of dancing.

Our guests from different parts of the country came. Rodrick and Neetu Gilbert with Avajit, Rao and his wife Shyla, Uma and Sampath and little Jireh, Akanksha, Thomas and their new little baby Paul who is only four weeks old. Nehemiah and Sarah Naik also came with several of their master trainers. It was so good to see all of them and we wished we had more time to visit. As with all wedding receptions, there are so many people to greet and spend a few minutes with and before you know it the evening is gone.

We managed to shake a leg or two on the dance floor before retreating to the car. Our driver got us home about 2 a.m. It was a perfect day–and evening. If I could capture the whole event in a word I’d say magical because I know when we get home we’ll find it hard to believe. The couple are staying at the fantastic Leela Hotel although they snuck home for an hour or so this afternoon to pick up some more clothes. We’re all exhausted, but relaxed now and happy–sharing the joy.





  1. The pics are great. The wedding looked fabulous. Kavita is absolutely stunning. Josh looked good too. What no pictures of Roger? What do Sarah and John think of what they have seen in India? Can’t wait to see you two again. Wear your heaviest coat and snow boots. Currently (8:10 A M) it is 30 degrees. Love Sharon

  2. Wow, the Sari’s are stunning! Looks like a wonderful event and they look very happy. All the best to the entire family. We miss you.

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