Posted by: janpierce | January 3, 2011

More Flashbacks

I thought of calling this post Return of the Flashbacks, but rejected it as too silly and attribute the idea to my sick body being on lots of meds right now. Thankfully the cold germs waited until after wedding day to attack. Our daughter and son in law headed home last night and now we’re beginning to pack for our flight that leaves at 2:30 a.m. Wed. morning. That way we will be exhausted at the beginning of the trip for added adventure.

Here are some typical street scenes in India. The rickshaws can be pulled by men, horses, bicycles or oxen. The next step up is the autorickshaw. The construction done here always uses these sticks which hold up a flat surface on which the cement for the next floor is poured. While some of the work uses machinery, you often see laborers carrying pans of sand, dirt, cement, etc. on their heads to move it from place to place.



While we were in Delhi Roger was invited to attend a neighborhood Hindu wedding reception. Here are a few photos from that. The men were taken into back rooms to drink shots of whiskey and Roger said the bride never cracked a smile the whole time. They had an impressive array of Indian food though.



On our short visit to Hubli we saw many typical small town India sights. At the same time we were impressed by the orderliness of the city and the well-organized systems of micro-finance that Grace has in place. Here are some of the women in her self-help groups and some street scenes.


On December 27th in the evening was the ceremony of the seven plates. This is an Indian tradition in which the family of the groom visit the home of the bride bringing an odd number of plates filled with fruits and flowers. I’m guessing this means prosperity and blessing. The groom’s mother presents the bride with the wedding sari. You can see Kavita’s beautiful ivory and gold wedding sari on one of the trays. This offered the extended family another opportunity to gather and have a festive time. The meal was catered with lots of yummy indian food including biriyani, fish, mutton and other delicacies.


Finally a few photos of family enjoying time together. And it’s time for me to pack and prepare to enter another world entirely.



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