Posted by: janpierce | January 17, 2011

Once You Know

With our trip to India still fresh in my mind I find my thoughts returning to various work and various needs daily. I’ve been reading Dorcas Smucker’s facebook posts about her family’s visit to Kenya. Dorcas and her husband adopted a boy from Kenya some years ago and have gone back with the family to visit the places their adopted son used to live. He was a street boy at least for part of his young life. She recounts meeting a small group of boys at an orphanage who are about Stephen’s age. She looks at her adopted son who has plenty to eat, a wonderful home and family and asks the inevitable questions about why this boy and not the others? Why does her Stephen have all he needs and the other boys still live in want? Both Dorcas and I know there is no good answer to such questions, but we can’t help asking them anyway. Once you see a third world country, a “developing” country, and look firsthand at the poverty, the squalor, the lacks of all we in the West take for granted, we can never again “not know.” It’s a good thing, if unsettling at times. Our lives aren’t about being sure that it’s fair shares all around the world, but we are to follow the Spirit’s leading to give and share where we’re directed. That’s the tricky part –we may become confused with our own desires to fix the problems and tend to forget that we aren’t God. I can never fix all the problems or feed all the hungry or heal all the diseases, that was never my assignment. But I can list a small number of people and causes that have been put in my heart. What is your assignment? Do you know? Who or what compels you to act? No act of kindness is too small to make a difference and no life is fulfilled without evidence of sacrificial giving and sharing. Once you know this there’s no turning back.



  1. Thank you for sharing those thoughts. I have the same perspective. “Now that I know, am I not responsible to DO something?” I appreciate your reminder that we cannot do everything, we can’t solve every problem, but we can get involved with those people and situations that God puts especially in our hearts.


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