Posted by: janpierce | February 23, 2011

On the Radio

   Yesterday I had the privilege of doing my first radio interview ever. We Love God Talk Radio through Sisters in Service does a series of interviews on women writers and women in ministry. Maxine Marsolini usually does the interviews, but yesterday Patty Mason stood in as interviewer. I had the opportunity to share how God has led me into my Ephesians 2 good works prepared for me to do before I ever had a glimmer of a thought about them. Who would have imagined that I’d dive into a writing career and visit exotic India over and over again? I found the courage to listen to the interview today. Luckily, I had that wonderful sense of listening to someone else–we don’t really recognize our own speaking voices– and I actually enjoyed it! I talked about the heart of our work through Teams India and how the face of missions is changing rapidly in India. I spoke of the continuing needs for support while honoring the greater need of respectfully encouraging self-sufficiency. These last four years have been a wonderful ride for me and I’m grateful for all I’ve learned. You can catch the archived interview by going online to



  1. Wow, I know someone famous!

  2. So encouraged by hearing your heart for Christ & for his beloved in India over the airwaves! I pray this exposure will only grow the gospel in India!

    Thank you Jan!

  3. Jan, it is amazing to read this and once again realize how closely, in God’s wisdom and calling us, our lives have paralled: we both have chosen Ephesians 2:10 (Living Bible) as a life verse; we both love the people of India and have traveled there many times — although you’re far ahead of me; and we both love to write. How I hope God allows our paths to cross again soon so we can sit down for a good chat.

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