Posted by: janpierce | March 16, 2011

Why Doesn’t Money Grow on Trees?

    When my daughter was four she saw a commercial on television showing juicy fruit gum growing on trees. Later in the day I found her outside digging a hole in the ground. You guessed it–she was planting some gum and no amount of explaining could change her mind. She was a true believer. Today I would cheerfully go outside and plant a few dollars if I thought there was any hope of it growing.

Everywhere I look there are needs. Japan, Haiti, my friend’s grandson with Cystic Fibrosis, another friend trying to raise funding for a home for rescued baby girls in India and then there is Teams India, our work. Right now we are trying to raise the funds to keep all the children we support in school. In India school ends in March and begins again in June. At that time all the children need to enroll, buy their uniforms, school supplies and pay their tuition. I feel the pressure of trying to stretch dollars to cover all the expenses. It’s like having a family of about 50 kids. Who gets fed, who gets the benefits of that strange stuff called money?

I have to say yes to some and no to others. And so when we ask for funds, people have to say yes or no as well. There’s no getting around it, it takes money to do good works. People get tired of being asked and I get tired of asking. But I believe in what we’re doing and I believe God is in the projects too. So…there’s a time to speak up and ask and there’s a time to trust that the resources will come if God wants the work done. I don’t suppose I’ll ever fully understand all of that, but I’ll keep trying.

I guess money doesn’t grow on trees because the work is supposed to cost something. We’re supposed to be in the battle with our own tendencies toward greed vs. our desire to be more like Christ and live generously. We’re supposed to be learning to listen and hear from God and follow His leading. But, trust me, “it ain’t easy.”


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