Posted by: janpierce | April 12, 2011

Scholarships and Hope

   Pouline and Prasanth are the two tenth grade graduates at the Indian Mission School in Peddapalli receiving our Teams India scholarships this year. I sure wish they would smile in these photos. We met Prasanth two years ago when he was in 8th standard and his test scores were thirty points above any other student in his grade. He is also a top athlete. I know for a fact that he has a smile that can light up everything around him, but smiling for photos is considered poor manners. Prasanth’s parents are both coolies, day laborers, and they moved the family to be near the Indian Mission School knowing that Prasanth is very bright and has a chance at scholarships. Poulines’s father died of a stroke four years ago and her mother is a day laborer. There are four children to raise and to get through school. Our scholarship helps these two top scholars to finish their plus two–11th and 12th grades so they have a chance at attending university one day. Even with just their plus two they will have many more job opportunities than if they end their schooling after the tenth standard. Their futures are precarious but not without hope. They have hope in Jesus as both families are now Christian, and hope for a better life than working twelve or fourteen hour days in the fields when there is work to be had. We give them this scholarship for two years and it isn’t enough to pay for their fees, but it helps. It is amazing how hard poor parents will work and the sacrifices they will make to see their children have more than they’ve had in life. Sounds just like loving parents all over the world. The difference is our dollars can stretch in a wonderful way in India. If you would like to send a few of your dollars to be stretched in this way, you will surely be making a good and generous choice. Remember the paypal button is available and your gifts are tax deductible.


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