Posted by: janpierce | April 18, 2011

What is One Handful of Rice?

   At church this morning a friend who also happens to support our work regularly and sponsors a Dayanilayam orphan on top of that asked me, “What does one handful of rice do these days?” The question is valid because when I first started the project it was a feeding program for an orphanage. Over the years it’s morphed into more of an education program and has merged with Teams India which Roger named his work with house church networks. It was too confusing to have two names doing separate projects, so now One Handful of Rice and Teams India are one.

What we do is:

1) support Indian ministries already doing good work. We help with the expenses of the education of the children of common men and women who are working full time and sharing the Gospel in the midst of busy lives. They are poor people who would otherwise send their children to the extremely poor government schools or who would not be able to give them any education at all. Right now we have 31 such children in addition to six older students who are continuing their educations at high school level with our help.

2) In addition to funding education, we also buy sewing machines at about $80 each for women who graduate from the Cherial Bible School. These women will make their living with the sewing machine and will serve the churches from their home villages upon their return from Bible School. Many of them are giving up their chances for marriage when they go to Bible school rather than more acceptable secular schools so they need a way to take care of themselves.

3) We will be helping Grace Jogal with her micro-finance programs that train women in Hubli, Karnataka. We visited Grace on our last trip to India and she is doing wonderful work. She has a dream of living in the hub of five villages just an hour from Hubli and training women in these villages to begin small businesses. Grace shares the love of God everywhere she goes.

4) We are praying that we can help David and Diana Phillips in Allahabad to build a new ministry to villages around their city. There are believers in these villages, but no one to teach them and conduct meetings.

5) We support Uma and Sampath Kumar, a young couple with a son, Jireh. They live and conduct home church meetings in and around Peddipalli in Andhra Pradesh. We also keep in touch with our adopted granddaughter, Akanksha and her husband Thomas and their little baby Paul. They are in Bible School now and hope to pastor in the future.

The truth is there are always more needs than we can meet even amongst our closest friends in India. The concept of saving out just a handful of rice to share with the poor is a beautiful one. Couple that with sharing the Gospel message that we can be free in Christ and serve a loving God and we have enough to keep us busy for many years to come.



  1. This ministry and your dedication to the gospel is a steady dose of encouragement and inspiration to me as I seek to abide in Him.

    Thank you both,

  2. Thanks, Bill.

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