Posted by: janpierce | May 8, 2011

If You Were a Mother in India

                              Happy Mother’s Day everyone. If you were a mother in India and if you happened to be poor, here are some of the ways you might live. You would cook on an open fire and your home would be simple and spare. You would have very little furniture if any. You would have one set of clothing or possibly two. You would live out of doors much of the time and animals–goats, pigs, cows would roam around you. You would sleep on the floor or maybe on a woven bed with the whole family. You would eat one daily meal or two of mostly white rice.

But you would love your family and they would love you too. You’d honor your mother and father and you most likely wouldn’t desire a lot of the material things we have here in the States. Your life would have a simple rhythm and you would smile a lot. Friendships would enrich your days and family obligations give you purpose. You would want better things for your children than what you yourself had.

Happy Mother’s Day to women all over the world.


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