Posted by: janpierce | June 4, 2011

Congratulations, Prasanth!

  This young man is named Prasanth Earle. We met him at the Indian Mission School in Peddipalli, A.P. two years ago. He just graduated from 10th standard in April and I’ve known all along he would win the scholarship money we give each year. He is a remarkable student. His parents are both day workers in the fields, but moved their family to Peddipalli and rented a small room so they could live near the Indian Mission School. They know their son is an outstanding learner and want to give him every advantage possible from their meager earnings. He just got his grades back from his tenth standard exams and got the highest mark ever received from his school: 554 points out of 600. We’re very proud of him and hope he can now continue his education for his “plus two” which is 11th and 12th grades. Our scholarship is only a partial one but it does follow him for both years. If you feel a tug on your heart for this wonderful Christian boy and want to help him continue his education you can click on the paypal button and add a note saying the money is for Prasanth. By the way, he has a smile that can light up a room, but in India it is considered very irreverent to smile for pictures. We’re so proud of you, Prasanth!



  1. I’m proud of you guys for all the work you are doing in India. God bless you both.

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