Posted by: janpierce | June 13, 2011

Wait for My Spirit

  Our wonderful partners, Nehemiah and Sarah Naik were busy this weekend. They told us they would spend the entire weekend traveling from one house church to another to conduct baptisms because it was Pentecost Sunday. Think about their situation:  it is probably between 105 and 115 degrees now in Andhra Pradesh. They will either walk or travel by motorcycle. They will be greeted by each small congregation with great joy, but will only be able to stay long enough to conduct the services and then move on to the next one. They don’t waste a lot of time on sleep. We love them both so much. They’re humble and sweet and don’t want more for themselves. They care for many children and adults who have handicaps of different sorts. They also provide for women and children who have contracted AIDS from their husbands and fathers. They work tirelessly to tell the poor of India about Jesus. They consider us to be their parents in the Lord. What an honor.

   We’re happy to report that our partners David and Diana Phillips have good news. David has been hired by a Christian organization called Yeshu Darbar to train village pastors and evangelists and to oversee the work in the 64 villages near Allahabad. All during the rest of this month he will conduct training sessions and then he’ll begin visiting  the villages to discern the level of instruction appropriate for each. David is a skilled teacher and also has first-hand knowledge of the local languages and cultures. This will be invaluable as he works in each village. All of these reports are a huge answer to prayer because David’s heart has desired full-time Christian work for many years. Now is the time!! Now we need to work with them to find a reliable means of transportation to work and for the long and challenging rides through countryside roads.

On Pentecost God visited His people in a big way. He came with audible and visible manifestations to show His presence. He gifted the people with His Holy Spirit who lives inside each believer which is a mystery and a blessing. There is no way that our partners could do the work they do without the power of God’s Spirit living in and encouraging their hearts. The work is too demanding and difficult and the monetary rewards are practically nil. But the hard work they do comes from hearts convinced that there is nothing more important than serving God by telling the people what He’s done for them in sending Jesus to a broken and hurting world. Jesus told the disciples to wait for His Spirit. They did, and once they had received it they began the work that we continue to support today. It’s an amazing story of faithfulness throughout the generations. I’m glad to be part of it.


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