Posted by: janpierce | July 1, 2011

Letting Go

    This had been a season of loss for many of my friends. We just received a three month report from our friends in India, Uma and Sampath. They noted that they had attended three funerals of Christian friends in that time. Right now David and Diana Phillips are ministering to David’s mother as her days on earth are coming to a close and another long-time friend just said goodbye to her mother. A much-respected man who was once my principal when I taught at a Christian school passed away a few weeks ago. All of these losses have made me think once again about how brief our life here on earth is. When we’re young it seems that our life path stretches out so far ahead we can’t even see the end. But as we get older we recognize more often that the end of life will surely come, even to us. It makes me want to appreciate everything more, love more, give more and live each day fully and intentionally.

We often think of death as tragic. But my friend Emese once said, “Maybe it’s not dying that is tragic, but dying without knowing God.” She’s right of course. Those of us who walk with God are already tasting just a bit of kingdom life, but it’s all mixed up with the mess that people make of things. Still there is so much beauty and so much to be thankful for. It’s really hard to let go of our loved ones. It takes time to adjust to the changes and gaps the loss leaves in our hearts. I wish I were better at putting salve on the wounds of those who suffer–it’s always difficult to say or do helpful things when a friend is hurting. They have to do the letting go and I can only stand quietly alongside them and love them.




  1. You are talking to my heart Jan! So many times these thoughts are in my mind, so many times… I don’t know how dry and worthless our lives would be without the assurance of our eternal life in Jesus in our heart. That deep, deep piece, that we are saved, and our Savior is guarding us till the last day.

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