Posted by: janpierce | July 12, 2011

What’s the Story?

   They say there is nothing new under the sun. In India that may be more true for villagers than we’ve previously understood. When the missionaries from Europe and North America began working in Indian villages in the 1800’s they were up against huge language and cultural barriers. They had to start from scratch to learn the language and teach English to interested Indian people. They had to use very basic teaching tools such as songs and pictures with a simple story line. The people were used to hearing stories and they liked them. Often the stories were repeated over and over just as the stories of Hindu gods were recited and repeated. This was familiar territory and it was fruitful in introducing God through the stories of Old and New Testament. When I interviewed Bible women in India they often told about the stories that had impacted them most:  The good Shepherd who would search for a lost sheep, and take his sheep to safe places was a favorite. They could relate to the stories and they wanted to know more about a God who cared for people as a shepherd cares for his sheep, one who truly loved people.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a new trend in ministry in India and other developing countries called “storying.” In this picture you’ll see a woman telling a simple Bible story with the help of a translator. When the people ask questions or ask for more stories they are invited to host a meeting in their home and from that tiny beginning a house church is formed. Sometimes simple and straightforward is much more fruitful than complicated strategies. Just tell the story.



  1. Interesting concept. I know they are really doing this a lot across the continent of Africa. Makes so much sense!

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