Posted by: janpierce | September 12, 2011

The Gift of Compassion

Do you have the gift of compassion? Jennifer Goodenough does. Recently Roger and I had the privilege of catching up with some old friends, Leon and Jennifer Goodenough, at X-fest out in Skamania County. The G family has grown since we last saw them–they now number eleven. Two are children adopted from Liberia and the rest are home-grown. Mama and Papa and the oldest four children make up the band YmYmFam. They’re a joy to see and hear.

One of Jeni’s offerings at X-Fest caught my heart. She has learned through another family about the plight of handicapped orphans in Ukraine. She’s taken on the cause of helping some of the “least” find homes outside of cribs. Jeni wrote and presented stories written about these little ones who have no hope and no future except as they’re rescued by love. Here is an excerpt from her story: They Told Me She Wasn’t Worth Fighting For. Do you have the gift of compassion? Jeni does. You can follow her blog at

My own small girl, fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m amazed that anyone could have ever neglected  her precious body and the important person that she is…before I went and got her and took her home with me. I take her into a warm bath in my arms, breathe on her face and whisper in her ear words of comfort and adoration. I hold her pale hand in the water and slowly open her tight fist. Her fingers keep shutting and I keep caressing them open. Her arms loosen a little. Most of the time they are crossed stiffly across her chest but I can open them and she loves it when I do. I taught her to smile. She’s smiling now. Although people look past her uncomfortably, her friends and family do not. We enjoy looking at her.


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