Posted by: janpierce | September 23, 2011

Training in Thailand, Training in India

       My dear husband, Roger, is spending three weeks in Thailand to join in a group discussing church planting movements around the world. The training is at the Mekong Center in Chang Mai. This compound is part of the original Inland China Mission organization started by Hudson Taylor. Many of the people in the training are from China. One of the teachers has been jailed and expelled from China when his church network was discovered. The weather in Chang Mai is in the nineties, but the “feels like” temperature is about 115 degrees. Thankfully he’s able to stay indoors much of the time. I’m getting phone calls with updates, often in the middle of the night as he loses track of the time changes. I can’t wait to hear all he learns.

On another note, my friend Diana Phillips in Allahabad, India has begun a new program to train young Bible School students in telling the stories of the Bible to villagers. As David says in the narration, “In the U.S. we think of Bible Stories as entertainment and training for children. But in a society where many are non-readers, stories are a captivating way to teach the truth about God and Jesus and it’s the way many are led to believe in a loving, personal God. You can watch the u-tube video of Diana teaching on my facebook page.

I love the fact that there is always something new to learn. Often we search for new ways to serve God when actually the old, simple ways are the best and most productive. The villagers in China and India don’t care much for theology, but they sure do care about a God who loves them personally and knows their name.


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