Posted by: janpierce | September 27, 2011

No Regrets

   I was at my writing critique group last evening and it was a bit of a sad time as we said goodbye to one of our members. She’s moving to California to live nearer her family. We’ve enjoyed hearing pieces of her writing and have watched as her work improved over time. We’ve given criticism and praise and received the same from her. We’ve enjoyed a caring relationship with her. It’s hard to let people go when you love them.

I read in II Chronicles last week about a king who died a miserable death. I must say that those strings of kings went from bad to worse. Even the ones who tried to serve the Lord mostly fell apart at the end of their lives. But this guy, named Jehoram took the prize for bad leadership. He was the son of Jehoshaphat as in Jumping … Anyway, the first thing he did after being crowned king was to kill all of his brothers. He didn’t want any competition as he ruled or any plots to overthrow him. He was lacking in filial love and we find that he was married to Ahab’s daughter who grew up in a dysfunctional home herself. (Remember Ahab who was married to Jezebel?) So Jehoram was thirty-two when he became king, he killed most of his own family and then proceeded to worship Baal and other gods. He took the country to war against Edom and shortly after that he received a letter from Elijah the prophet. The news wasn’t good. God was going to strike him down for his sinful ways; he would get sick and at the same time would be attacked on all sides by his enemies. All of that happened and he died with his innards coming out of him… a painful death. But here is the part that struck me:

“…he died in great pain. And his people made no fire for him like the fire for his fathers. He was thirty-two when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years; and he departed with no one’s regret, and they buried him in the city of David, but not in the tombs of the kings.”

How tragic. He burned all his bridges and when he left this earth, still a young man, no one at all was sorry to see him go. No one missed him. No one loved him and he was buried in disgrace.

People often think about what words they’d want to have on their tombstone. We usually want people to remember that we loved our family, we served well, we were kind or compassionate–we were a good friend. This poor guy missed the boat all around. He was king of his land for eight years, but died with absolutely no one caring about him. Sad.




  1. Wow, truly a sad story. I’ve read through all those lists of kings but somehow missed this one. I want to be missed when it’s my turn. I want my ‘last days’ to be used up for His glory. But it’s so easy to get distracted, get our eyes off Jesus and onto the waves…Perseverance needed! Thanks for the reminder, Jan.

  2. I agree. We all want to be remembered by loved ones.

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