Posted by: janpierce | November 28, 2011

We’ll Never Be the Same

  Last night Roger and I braved the rainstorm and drove down to the Queen of Peace church in Salem where Julie Hoy did her annual Christmas Concert. And, believe me, it was worth the drive. Julie did some traditional Christmas songs in the traditional, beautiful way, and then did a few with some upbeat treatments including drum, bass and wailing harmonica. She also did many of her own songs as she is a gifted writer as well as performer. I enjoyed every song in the show.

But the song I loved the most came after Julie talked about her latest trip to southern Mexico where she and her group work with an orphanage and provide education for a number of children. Sound familiar? Of course I was all ears by then and paid close attention to the lyrics of the song. “I have seen hunger, I have seen pain….I’ll never be the same.” and “There is no hunger that cannot be filled, there is no broken heart that won’t be made whole…God in His mercy has given His love…And we’ll never be the same.”

I know Julie from Oregon Christian Writers. I loved her spirit the first time I heard her sing. There is just no doubt that she loves God and she is willing to use the considerable gifts He has given to her to encourage and bring the warm fuzzies to others. (I was going to say “bless” but warm fuzzies is good too.) So Julie and I are sisters of the heart. We both know what it means to visit another culture and recoil at the pain, the suffering. But we also know that God is big enough for all of the problems and He alone can bring the kind of healing the world needs. Thanks, Julie for sharing your gift and you’re right, we’ll never be the same.


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