Posted by: janpierce | January 6, 2012

2011 Revisited

  India is a fascinating country. It’s a jumble of old and new, rich and poor and always the faces of beautiful children wanting their picture taken!

In looking back today at the work Teams India accomplished in 2011 I felt a great sense of satisfaction. We gave scholarships to four high school graduates, three sewing machines to graduates of the Women’s Bible College in Cherial, paid for the support of a pastor and wife who oversee three house churches, supported women’s projects and business ventures in Karnataka and paid for the tuition, books, supplies and uniforms for thirty-seven children so they could attend good schools.

While it is impossible to weigh the long-term benefits of some of these investments, we can be sure that the Father is pleased when we share from our bounty. The $10 I spent on two coffee drinks can pay for a month of education for a child and the amount I spent on Christmas dinner can buy a sewing machine for a woman who can then support her family. Our dollars truly do change lives.

Thank you for your support in the past and may I ask you to continue to support the work in the future? The exchange rate for the rupee is more favorable than it’s been in the past ten years and there are always more smiling faces of little children who would love a chance to go to school.

Right now I’m homesick for the sights and sounds of India. The work there gives me more satisfaction than anything else I’ve done. Once again, many thanks for being part of it.



  1. I miss India, too!

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