Posted by: janpierce | February 1, 2012

Village Life, 1870’s

 I just can’t get enough of these old photos of India in the 1870’s. Enlarge this one as big as your computer will allow and take a good look. There are rectangular baskets for cleaning rice. The woman seated is doing just that. They pour the rice in and shake it around, blowing to remove chaff and pinching out little stones or other things that shouldn’t be there. One woman is grinding something in a large mortar and pestel, some are carrying grain or laundry in baskets on their heads, one is carrying a child. Look at the misshapen pots, hand turned and either air dried or baked on a fire. It’s all so interesting to me.

Where are the men? Probably working in the fields as the women tend to the cooking and “home” chores. Is the baby a boy or girl? How many of these girls will be married soon or perhaps they already are married. Who is taking the photo? Are there white people around, maybe a mission station?

Take a look at the clothing. It’s probably woven cotton, and quite rough. These are poor women. Their meals will be mostly rice with a few vegetables or herbs thrown in. The water in the background may be the place they wash their clothing and also the source of water for drinking and cooking.

What are they thinking? What are their dreams. Oh, I just love India!


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