Posted by: janpierce | March 22, 2012

Grace in India

      Some of you contributed money to buy sewing machines for my friend Grace’s ministry in Hubli, Karnataka. She recently sent me a few photos of the lessons taking place. Her daughter in law, Gladies, who normally teaches these classes, recently gave birth to a two month premature baby girl. So the Muslim woman in the photos is the instructor of the sewing classes this term. The women will learn to sew simple articles of clothing with skill. They can then open little shops or sell items from their homes and take care of the food expenses and sometimes the education expenses of family members. Grace is very good at meeting physical needs and then using openings to share the love of God.

Grace has another project in the works. She travels regularly to a very backward village just an hour away from her home. There is one Christian family there and she goes every two weeks to conduct a mini-service in which she shares a Bible story and teaches songs. About 20 children gather in the home of this believing family. So Grace did some research and found another nearby village which has no believers at all. She will conduct a four day summer camp the last week in April (yes, it’s summer and hot then). She’ll gather between 90 and 100 children and teach Bible lessons, songs and games, share the Gospel message and feed the children a lunch. Teams India is supporting this project and the cost is about $550.

I so admire Grace for being diligent to go to the places where the needs are greatest, make a plan and then follow through. Grace is not supported by any larger ministry, but her local church supports her with prayer and encouragement. Her entire extended family desires to spread the word of Jesus and alleviate suffering and need in their home area. Grace’s long-term plan includes living on a small farm in the center of five small villages, but the cost of land is prohibitive at this point. Thanks to all who have supported Grace in her wonderful work.


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