Posted by: janpierce | May 23, 2012

Right Now While I’m Sitting Here– Imagine That

    It’s been over a year since I had my feet on Indian soil. I really miss it. One of the strange things about my international travel is the fact that all of Indian life keeps on going even when I’m not there. Imagine that. While I’m sitting at my computer, while I’m shopping at Fred Meyer, while I’m getting a pedicure, the daily life of the poor in India goes on as always. And when I don’t see it with my own eyes for a time, I start forgetting. The sense of urgency about our work begins to dim a bit. I don’t want that to happen.

Right now while I’m here and our Indian friends are there, the work in Allahabad is going on. The temperature is 116 degrees but the training of village leaders, the work of the drama team, the building of new schools and the conducting of Saturday Bible classes will continue.

In Delhi and Lakhimpur there will be hundreds and sometimes thousands of believers gathering for further training in the truth of the gospel. They will learn how to share their faith in the good god Jesus with all their friends and family members. Baptisms will take place in little cement rectangles with water we wouldn’t set foot in.

In Anantapur the good work of feeding the poor, caring for Aids victims and their children, caring for the handicapped and building house church networks goes on tirelessly. And in Peddipalli, a little further north, tiny house churches meet regularly to read and study the Bible.

In Karnataka, this very day there is an outreach to a small, backward village. It is summer vacation and a group of children will gather to hear stories, play games, sing songs and have a nice meal. They will feel the love of God, many for the first time.

I read in a devotional this morning that Jesus spoke more about caring for the poor than any other topic. Why do we forget that? I don’t want to forget.

Today I’m capturing the pictures of each of our beloved friends in India and keeping them strong in my mind. I’m picturing that little group of children sitting in neat rows and hearing new stories, learning new songs, eating a delicious meal. I’m imagining each little mind processing the new ideas they’re hearing. A god who loves them. Imagine that.


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