Posted by: janpierce | June 4, 2012

Hanging On Until the Sun Shines Again

   How are you doing? Are you feeling as if each day gets you closer and closer to your current goals? Do you have a support system in place that “has your back” when anything goes wrong? Are you walking in the grace and joy of the Lord each and every day? I hope all of these things are true for you.

But, what if you’re not doing so well? What if the plans you made were thwarted at the last minute and what if the people you were counting on let you down? What then? Can you still find the mercy and grace of God when life takes an unexpected turn?

Recently a friend we support in India had to change plans at the last minute. An outreach all planned and ready to go had to be postponed or maybe scrapped due to a village elder who spoke against it. Another missions friend in Africa is facing the challenges of teaching people to share Bible stories while they are illiterate. How do you do that? What works?

Our friend Rodrick is often up against political pressure to tone down the work he’s doing with house church networks, and Nehemiah and Sarah are under pressure to stop church meetings in village homes. There are threats and sometimes beatings. Once in a while there is a death.

It’s not easy to keep going in the face of adversity and the accompanying doubts, fears, questions. What went wrong? Did I fail in some way? Is God saying that my work isn’t good enough?

David talked to himself one day. He asked himself a question. He asked himself why he was feeling so bad. He asked why his inner being was so disturbed, why so in turmoil. Maybe this was one of the times he was being chased down by Saul or maybe it was later in his life when his own sons plotted against him. He had good reasons to be distressed at various times in his life. But I love David, because after he laid it all on the line, after feeling free to express all his true feelings, he always did a 180 and chose by faith to trust in God. He goes on to say in Psalm 43, “I will hope in the Lord, I will praise Him.”

So this is for me and it’s also for you if you’re going through some hard times. It’s okay to feel down and it’s okay to say so. But if you trust God, you’ll also make the choice, like David, to continue to hope in God and to praise Him just because He is always worthy no matter how we feel. He’s good all the time, so hang on until the sun comes out for you again.



  1. I believe this is the route to great blessings from the Lord. However, sometimes it’s easier than other times; so, in the hard times it is very helpful to have strong Christian brothers and sisters to help you “keep your eyes on Jesus”.

  2. I agree Mike. Sometimes we just can’t get there by ourselves.

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