Posted by: janpierce | June 20, 2012

Saving Baby Girls

  It’s hard to believe, but in many parts of India, especially in backward villages, baby girls are routinely killed. They are left exposed to die in the elements, they are poisoned, they are choked with a rice kernel that will expand to close off their airways. They are killed because they are considered bad luck, or they are girl number four or five and the dowry for the older girls will already put the parents into the equivalent of bankruptcy. Sometimes they are killed for a ritual the local priest deems necessary. Girls are thought to bring bad luck, curses, drought, illness, and any other negative situation the local area is experiencing.

There are small rescue missions going on all over the country and we help to support one in the Chennai area. Russal and Kumari Raj have gathered ten baby girls into their home and are raising them as their own. The road to rescue for these girls is precarious. First someone has to admit that baby girls are being killed in a certain village or area. Usually it is a midwife who gives out this information. Sometimes a medical worker becomes aware of baby girls “disappearing” or dying when the child seemed healthy. When the worker returns to the village the baby is gone. Whenever this information reaches someone willing to rescue the baby, then the rescue is activated and the workers travel to the area to wait for the birth or to take the child before the parents are allowed to hurt her. Often the baby has been injured before she is rescued.

Russal and Kumari have all ten of their little girls in school. It costs about $300 per year for each child to attend local pre-schools and kindergartens. The girls are thriving although several of them have injuries from their past treatment. They are given loving care. Recently Russal received word of another area in which girl babies are in danger and he traveled to that area to give lessons on ways to either keep a girl baby and love her, or give her up for adoption to those who would take good care of her. You can read about this wonderful work at

Our good friends Mike and Sharon Monson have traveled to the Girl Baby Home in Chennai and have seen first hand the good work being done there. I wonder what that home will be like when the girls are all teenagers! Send your encouragement and maybe a bit of financial help to Russal and Kumari and be part of saving the lives of these ten precious little ones and those baby girls who will be rescued in the future.



  1. Thanks Jan for sharing this on your blog. Maybe it will cause people to get involved Sharon

  2. Thanks Jan. I am praying for God’s provision for this ministry in Chennai. They do survive mostly on donations. Maybe someone reading your post will be inspired to help.

  3. I hope so. Just think, ten lives that would have been lost.

    • I thought about that an awful lot when Sharon and I were there visiting. They were all so precious and beautiful. Every time I looked into their eyes I was at a loss to imagine how anybody could think to harm them. I was so moved by God’s mercy upon them. Now I also pray for the ones in the future who will need to be saved.

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