Posted by: janpierce | September 30, 2012


   The message this morning was on hope. We reflected on the definition of the term. What is hope? Is it the same as trust? Is it based on a foundation of faith? Is it confirmed in our circumstances or does it operate in spite of them?

The picture that came to my mind was this: Hope is knowing that although the world is in trouble and things are a mess, one day all of it will be resolved. Right now there is sickness and death. There are accidents and there is poverty. There is danger and sorrow and so many things we want to be different. Well, one day all of those things will be different. One day God will bring His creation to a triumphant resolution and Christ will return. Then everything will click into focus. All the dissonant chords will resolve. All questions will be answered and all that is imperfect will fall away.

In the meantime, we can rest in the knowledge that the resolution is coming. And we take joy in living in the beautiful world we’ve been given and the loving relationships we share. Still, we do long for the fulfillment of the promises, don’t we? What’s your definition of hope?


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