Posted by: janpierce | October 20, 2012

So Proud of Grace

      This is Grace Jogal congratulating a group of women on the completion of their tailoring class. Grace offers sewing classes free of charge to women who will then be able to run a small business from their homes. The next session of tailoring has just begun with forty women this time. I met Grace at a training center outside of Hyderabad two trips ago. She was the “mother” of the group of fourteen women I taught. The younger women admired Grace as she is a gracious and loving woman who was already successful in empowering women through the savings and micro-loan programs she has run for years. Right now Grace has returned to TENT from her home in Hubli, Karnataka, southern India to attend a conference and share her new successes in tailoring classes and outreaches to children in outlying villages.

     Grace takes a small team out to remote villages, teaches the children Bible stories, songs and games and feeds them a free lunch. These villages are impoverished and the children eager to receive the message that God loves them. I marvel at what one woman can accomplish with very few resources other than her love and determination to make a difference.



  1. Thank God for dedicated women like Grace

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