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Reviewing 2012

Reviewing 2012

Where to begin? I chose this photo because it is so typical of all the church gatherings we attend when in India. The women and men are on opposite sides of the room and it’s always crowded. The little children sit with the women and some wander around. After the services there are usually little puddles where a baby left his or her mark. No one worries about such things.

This year our friend Rodrick continued to expand his house church network in much of Northern India. His training center brings in hundreds of house church leaders to train them in Bible and leadership. Only in his mid-forties, Rodrick looks ahead to a time when others will lead his ministry. He has learned to do baptisms in large numbers to avoid persecution. When there is a large group there is protection in the sheer numbers.

In Andhra our friends Uma and Sampath continue to minister to small house churches in their area. They travel from village to village conducting small Bible studies and prayer meetings. They baptize when there is a new believer. Recently they came across an old homeless man and found housing for him in an old age home. They are expecting their second child soon.

Our little Granddaughter, Akanksha and her husband Thomas have completed training as pastors and are serving a church near Warangal as assistant pastors. They too are expecting another child. We met their first son, Paul, at our son’s wedding two years ago in Bangalore. We miss seeing them so much.

Nehemiah and Sarah Naik, a bit further south, are serving their Banjara people and other tribal groups as well. They feed the poor, care for a number of handicapped children, provide food and shelter for AIDS women and their children, abandoned by their husbands who brought the disease to their families. Nehemiah is a wonderful teacher and travels constantly training other men in Bible and godly living. Nehemiah has had a series of horrific events in his life this past year including several motorcycle accidents, being beaten by Hindu extremists and being bitten by a rabid dog. Just last week two of his master trainers (those trained to lead house church networks) were in another motorcycle accident in which a pastor was killed and the two trainers were badly injured. Nehemiah often travels by bus all over the state of Andhra. He travels at night and ministers in the daytime, day after day.

In Karnataka my lovely friend, Grace, continues to bless the women of her area. She runs savings programs for groups of women. The groups are called “wedges.” Grace is a retired banker and knows well how to encourage women in small business ventures through loans. She also trains women in a remote village to sew garments and bags. She has trained ninety women for a three or four month period and is now ready to work with the best seamstresses to produce items for sale in Europe or the States. We are looking for a free trade organization to allign with to maximize her efforts. She is a remarkable woman–selfless as she serves her people.

I often tell Grace I wish I could grow money for her projects. She is a visionary with so much she’d like to do, but lacking resources for much of it.

Yet God is in control of all we do in India. Roger and I are so thankful to all of you who support our efforts there with prayer and donations. May 2013 be a year when even more is accomplished in bringing the love of God to India.



  1. Good words about devoted people. Happy 2013

  2. Thank you, Wade Webster for your donation to Teams India. What a blessing. I pray that your writing will inspire many.

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