Posted by: janpierce | March 4, 2013

Catching the Vision for Generosity

Uma gives   Teams India has been supporting Uma and Sampath Kumar for over six years. Uma grew up in the orphanage in Jangaon that Roger and I have visited so many times. We became friends with her and loved her outgoing, energetic spirit and her courage to share the things she knows about God.

When Uma married a pastor, Teams India began to support their work in villages near Peddipalli, Andhra Pradesh. Through many struggles they have continued to start house churches, teach and share, baptize and pray for those they lead. They currently oversee six small house churches.

Recently we have been so proud to learn that they’ve caught the vision for being generous. They themselves are poor and live with little in the way of earthly goods. But they have formed a government approved organization with permission to distribute goods in the communities they serve.

Last month they distributed fruit to the poor in the local hospital. In India food must be brought to those in the hospital by family members. Thus, Uma and Sampath were able to bless both the sick and their families as they visited.

This month we received this picture showing them distributing education “encouragement kits” of paper, pencils and a few other school supplies. You can see the packets in the cardboard box on the floor. You can also see pictures of Hindu gods on the wall of the school.

It gives us a sense of pride to see Sampath and Uma paying it forward when it comes to giving. Their heart of generosity will make an impact on those in the community and they will be seen as leaders who care about the people. In that way one more opportunity to share about Jesus will be open to their ministry.



  1. “I have no greater joy than to hear to hear that my children walk in truth,” 3 John 4. What an encouragement. Thanks for sharing–Dawn

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